Angela Blackwood

Growing up my home life was normal, brothers, Mom, Dad, and not much drama. However, it was the rest of the world I seemed out of place in. There have been many dark moments throughout my life that I've had to grow and heal from. I've had to heal, grow and keep picking myself up to ensure I didn't fall into the dark again.


I tell my story and how I view the world through my art. I not only express my own struggles but I also express my light and the pride I have for myself for overcoming the darkness I've endured. 

I would consider myself to be an abstract "healer" artist, placing my own personal energy within my work. I share my story and my light out of hope that in turn, it will help others to heal and share theirs. Asé 

I am an abstract "healer" artist, placing personal energy within my work, sharing light and hope.

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