Candace Hutchison - 

self portrait

I perceive the world as interlaced layers, unpredictably frayed at distant edges awaiting my whispers of separation to see deeper within the story. My art portrays that voyage — peeling layers to reveal mysteries and wisdom. My painting is fluid and organically shaped by transporting the observer to an altered place.


Photography and digital art are other important elements in my artistic exploration. When out shooting, I am looking at my subject as to how it may be altered and expanded beyond its form and definition. I meld photos into collages. I digitally tear away the parts I don’t want and manipulate colors, textures and placement to activate new configurations and concepts. I often add bits and pieces of my paintings to the photo mash ups, infusing handmade components.

I create on atypical canvases such as wood, furnishings, walls and even the human body using a variety of mediums, like acrylics, mosaics, polymer clay and henna.

A Necessity  ---- acrylic on wood

Expand Our Reach ---- photo mash up