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David L McBride




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Oil and Acrylic...Plein Air and Studio works,

Landscapes, Figurative


My oil and acrylic painting style is called ‘representational’ art.  Meaning that the subject is something real in nature (landscape) or a figurative piece where the viewer can easily tell what it is. It is NOT ‘abstract’ or the minute detail of a ‘photo-realistic’ work. I strive to capture the energy of the subject with bold ‘loose’ brush or pallet knife strokes. 


Finding color harmony, accurate drawing, and proper edges, while hitting the right values (lights and darks) is a fun challenge.  My favorite is plein air work (live subjects painted Alla Prima…or in one session).

"What gives a painting value?  I believe that every individual makes that judgment regardless of the artist's reputation, fame, or price of the painting….it either speaks to ones senses or it doesn’t. 

It is the true universal language."

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