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Dave Weber is currently a high school Technology Education Teacher (Shop) at Rocky Mountain High School. He spends the day in the woodshop with students and frequently goes home and spends several more hours in his home woodshop.


Dave does all kinds of woodworking, woodturning, cabinets, signs, boxes… He was recently asked by one of his students what his favorite project had been. Dave found it very hard to answer the question.  He likes most types of woodworking and loves that there is always something new to learn in woodworking.


World famous woodworker George Nakashima said “By making something from wood we are extending the life of a tree”. Dave likes that. He hopes you enjoy his woodworking as much as he enjoys working the wood.


"I’m going to go make some chips now…"

Dave Weber

Etched designs on wooden boxes

Black walnut, maple charcuterie board

I do custom work  ~

Celtic knot for cabinet door

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