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I was born in Oklahoma in 1949 and have lived an adventurous life, beginning with military service in Southeast Asia during Viet Nam and years later working as an Alpine Ski Instructor, guiding backcountry camping trips, and teaching scuba diving and guiding dive trips around the world.  Many of my paintings are inspired by the many beautiful sites I remember from these adventures. 


Now at 70+, I am launching a new endeavor, art.


I am not a classically trained artist and I’m partially colorblind. So, attempting to learn to paint was an ambitious challenge.  Since I can’t tell the true colors in nature, I use color values, shades, and tones to create these landscapes.  So, the colors you see in my paintings may not seem true to nature, they are quite simply a close guess on my part.

R.L. Young

I also do paintings by commission. 

Simply text me a photograph of a view you like, and I will paint for you. 

Cell # 303-775-0160

Turquoise Lake

Mountain Meadow

Winter Stream

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