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Rose Cannella

Joseph Cannella

Rose is a storyteller which reflects in all her work.  Growing up in Chicago the harsh reality of a poor neighborhood led her to a somewhat Walter Mitty life. 


With the help of the art of Degas, Van Gogh, and Chagall she formed a mystical, inner world of flowing color.  She has painted murals in homes and businesses, sold in tourist mountain towns in Colorado, as well as big cities like New Orleans and Seattle.  When economics demanded, even took on a steady cartoon ad job for a bike shop and painted signs.


Traveling to India, South Africa, and Italy enriched her paintings, poetry, short stories and photographs with the perspective and adventure of such travels.

A retired Life Coach and Business Consultant, Joseph found his creative artistic side while being confined to what-seemed-like house arrest during the pandemic. 


He  toyed with alternative ways to reconnect with the outside world. Perhaps a phone business or setting up zoom connections. Ah, but then, serendipity came into his life with a wood carving in an art gallery that set him in a whole different direction. He saw a wood carving he found fascinating and decided to give carving a try. 


Wood spoke to him and he listened. Creating from simple pine he then explored other woods.


These abstract flowing pieces all have stories and the energy of a man in love with wood.

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