Ross Mieir

I've always liked to scribble and doodle and so on. I have a daughter, and her name is Crystal. She was from a previous marriage, born in 1975, and we stay in touch to this day.


Before high tech was around we wrote letters to each other, and I would always draw pictures of castles and mountains and such on the envelopes that I mailed to her.


In 2006 I went down to help rebuild after Katrina, and I contracted COPD from breathing all the stuff that the hurricane put into the air. When I returned to Colorado I had a real hard time breathing, because of the altitude. Needless to say, it put an end to my construction career. was time for a career change.

About that time, Crystal, remembering how much I loved to draw castles, sent me a really nice,

and thick book, with pictures of

famous castles from all over

Europe. And that is what

encouraged me to pursue a

career in the arts.

Mural in Oak Street Plaza, Ft Collins