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Scott Lenaway

Scott Lenaway grew up in an industrial town in the Midwest. His passion for art began with traditional oil painting and drawing. His initial professional training at Illinois Central College was in the field of graphic design and fine arts. In 1989, he started at The Art Institute of Chicago. During his studies there, he was introduced to a wide range of media that greatly influenced his curiosity and vision.

The creation of artworks was a part of him during his military deployments to Iraq in 2003 and 2009. In 2005 he attended West Illinois University where he first become passionate about printmaking. The blue-collar aspect of traditional printmaking was just one of the aspects of printmaking that had a profound effect upon his work. This love for printmaking culminated in his acceptance and attainment of a Master of Fine Art at Colorado State University in 2013.

His work has an industrial and historical element in it which is a product of his early background and military experiences. He is influenced by traditional principles and elements of design. His curiosity for new ideas and methods has also been a part of his artistic development. His confident, curious and sovereign way he conducts himself and by the integrity of his work in printmaking. He has a workmanlike focus in the creation of his work.  Throughout his artistic and professional developments, he has received various awards, and many awards from Western Illinois University and Colorado State University. Additionally, his work has been included in private and public collections.

Heart of Persia 

a lithograph, pertaining to his deployment in Iraq


a lithograph, reflections on history and military service

Forgotten Lessons

a lithograph, pertaining to his deployment in Iraq

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