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Mother Tree Forest

Wellington resident, R. Gary Raham, writes and illustrates both science fact and science fiction. Gary is a firm believer that science fiction often excites a new generation of scientists to explore the wonders of nature.


Armed with degrees in biology from the University of Michigan, he taught high school science before pursuing careers in writing, illustration, and design. Gary has won numerous awards for his books, articles, and artwork.


His most recent exhibitions include

  • 2018-2019 exhibit at the Loveland Museum entitled Saur to Soar

  • The Synergy of Art and Science with paleontologist/sculptor Dennis Wilson

  • Eastern Connecticut State University exhibition, Precision: Illustrative Technique in Art and Science (2021)


Gary’s writing has been known to make a reader laugh and think simultaneously with no known deleterious effects. His most recent SF title is A Twice-Dead Genius Comporting with Misunderstood Abominations—the third book in an SF trilogy.

Duck in Trouble

Ordovician Dawn

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