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Our Members are the most important part of our nonprofit because they maintain the organization. They keep it running and in working order.

Membership Guidelines

  1. Membership is open during anytime of the year

    • Fees will not be prorated

    •  Membership renewal due by January 15 or membership will be discontinued

  2. Members will fill out membership application and return to NOCOAC

    • Members or Sponsors will receive Organization Donation Receipt

  3. Must be a member to organize and carry out a function through NOCOAC such as facilitating programs or volunteering

  4. Members of NOCOAC do not have to be artists or have art in Sanderosa Gallery

  5. Artists displaying art in the gallery do not have to be members of NOCOAC


Basic Membership $45/year                                                                                                              

  • Annual Show for Artists in the gallery or other external facility                                  

  • Yearly meeting with the Board of Directors                         

  • Free reception for designated events                                   

  • Membership mention on web page                                      

  • Members are not required to volunteer

    • Opportunity to use the gallery to facilitate programs independent of nonprofit programs

      • 1 program per year $10

      • 3 programs  per year $25

      • 7 programs per year $60

      • 12 programs per year $100


Business Membership $100/year

  • All of the basic membership benefits

  • Logo and one sentence promotion in the newsletter once a year

  • Framed certificate of membership to display

    • Opportunity to sponsor an event for $50 more per event

      • Artist designed poster with business logo at the bottom will be displayed at the gallery prior to the event

      • Receive an 8” X 10” of artist designed poster via email for own personal advertising

      • Poster will be promoted on Gallery’s Facebook/Instagram pages

Family Membership $85/year

  • Up to 5 people in the membership

    • List names on the membership application

  • All must be living at the same address.

  • Will receive all the same benefits as the basic membership

Student Membership $10/year

  • Student membership is $10 per year with a valid ID or letter from the school.  They will be entitled to all the benefits of the basic membership.

Click on icon for your Membership application.

Fill out and either email to gallery or personally bring it in. 

We don't have an online means of payment, at this time.

Membership fee needs to be mailed or delivered in person.



Sanderosa Art Gallery         3101 Kintzley Ct.  Unit R,  LaPorte, CO  80535            970.818.8928

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