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 PROGRAMS for adults & kids 

Parent or guardian is required to stay with

their child 12 years and under​

We take photos of the classes to use for our marketing.

Registration is required.

This helps facilitators to know how many to plan for and materials needed. 

Since we don't have online payment, yet, you will pay your Facilitator the day of the class. 

CLASSES HELD AT NOCOAC Art Space - across the parking lot from Sanderosa Art Gallery

We are proud to list other programs being offered by our Community Partners.

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Date/time: May 17th, 1:15-2:15

Facilitator: Karen John 

Story to be read: Click, Clack. Moo, Cows that Type

Registration: with Karen: email

Open up the world through stories and art for your pre-K children.

Listen to a story and do an at-craft related to the story


WITH A DIFFERENT STORY AND ART PROJECT (sometimes it is the 3rd because of how the month starts)

Contact Karen with your questions. 

CLASSES HELD AT NOCOAC Art Space - across the parking lot from Sanderosa Art Gallery

Date/time: July 15 to July 19, Monday through Thursday, 8:00am-noon

             Friday, 8:00am - 3:30

Facilitators: Karen John, Jennifer Blakefield and Gary Raham


Ages: 12-14,         Class size limited to 20 

Registration: contact Karen: email


  • Wear clothes that can get stained.

  • Pack a lunch for your kiddo for the longer Friday session. 


Based on STEM programing, this series will explore wildfire causes, positives and negatives of wildfire and prevention of wildfire.  It also delves into making ink from wildfire charcoal, some of the chemistry involved and how to use the ink to make beautiful black and white art.  Each day provides a lesson that builds on the previous lessons.  Students will make their own ink and keep a journal of their predictions and results during the process.  They will be exposed to various forms of black and white art, such as pen and ink, black/white watercolor, stamping, writing poetry, etc… and have the opportunity to make their own wildfire charcoal art.

The participants' art work will be showcased at the STUDENT ART SHOW in September. More information regarding this event will be provided during the series. 

CLASSES HELD AT NOCOAC Art Space - across the parking lot from Sanderosa Art Gallery

This program was made possible by a Grant from Fort Collins Rotary Club

         On going class opportunities at the Gallery        

If you are looking to hone your skills or just starting your dip your brush or pencil into a whole new world, Ross Mieir can assist you. 

He is offering Art lessons in Oil Painting and Pencil Drawing at the Gallery. All ages are welcome.

Email Ross for more information and to schedule your lesson. 

Sanderosa Art Gallery          3101 Kintzley Ct.  Unit R  Laporte, CO  80535        

NOCOAC       3121 Kintzley Ct. Unit A, Laporte, CO  80535 


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