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NOCOAC is fueled by your generous donations &

we graciously accept your contributions from pennies to thousands. 

We have several campaigns for which we are raising money.

Click on buttons below to view

the campaign and donate to that mission. 

Overview of our campaigns:

 1. Seed Money: What is it good for...Absolutely Everything!

  • As a new nonprofit, we are in need of money to pay for such things as supplies for classes, marketing, stipends for program directors and facilitators, just to name a few.

 2. Sparking Wonder and Connection

  • We are doing a new fall program - Tuesday Talks. It is about connecting with people and building a community through storytelling.

This money would help pay for the speakers.

3. Adding Color to Lives

  • NOCOAC aspires to offer programming and instruction in all forms of art to children of all backgrounds. The many children who attend our programs do not have the resources.

Your kindhearted donation will be used as a source of scholarships for classes offered through NOCOAC that require a fee.

4. Getting My Art On!

  • Art provides children with a way to express emotions, observations, and appreciation. It can enhance learning by making connections to a variety of subjects; such as STEM, literature, and social studies. 

Your gift will be put towards our art programs for pre-K through high school aged children.

If you'd like, you can also

mail your donation (check payable to NOCOAC) or bring it into the gallery.

3101 Kintzley Ct. Unit R, Laporte, CO  80535

     Thank you for supporting NOCOAC,

we appreciate you, wholeheartedly.     

Northern Colorado Artist Community          3101 Kintzley Ct. Unit A,  Laporte, CO  80535            970.818.8928

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