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1. Program Application will need to be filled out for board approval of program/time(s)/date(s) – application online or at gallery 

  • Space fee(s) will be paid when application submitted - will be returned if not approved

  • If program is cancelled due to lack of participants, space fee will not be reimbursed

    • In case of Emergency: If program has registered participants but needs to be cancelled due to facilitator’s emergency, it will be rescheduled by facilitator and there will not be additional space fee required

  • See quarterly deadlines for program applications below (#3)


2. Facilitators' requirements:

  • Program registration will be through facilitator’s email posted on website

  • Can charge whatever you wish for your program, it all belongs to you

    • Can make a donation to NOCOAC, if so choose

  • Responsible for registration for your program, for advertising, and for collecting money 

    • NOCOAC will advertise newsletter, website and FB

  • Advised that price of their program needs to reflect the cost of supplies and space fee 

    • Expected to furnish their own supplies

    • Not allowed access to the NOCOAC supply cabinet, except for non-disposable supplies such as cups, scissors, rulers, brushes etc.

    • Asked to replace any broken materials

  • Walk-ins are up to facilitator and will need to be specified for advertising


3. Year will be divided into 3 quarters for ease of promotion and advertising

  • No programs in January

  • Each quarter will have a deadline for program application submission(s) and late applications will not be considered

    • Programs for February & March: deadline January 5

    • Programs for April, May & June: deadline March 1

    • Programs for July, August & September: deadline June 7

    • Programs for October, November & December: deadline Sept. 6


4. Needed for website and marketing:

  • Upon approval from board, facilitators are expected to email to Education Director (Karen John - or Executive Director (Candi Hutchison - the following, asap  

    • Brief program description, include price, age group, time/date, materials if needed and any special instructions, like wear appropriate clothes for messy project

    • brief facilitator bio (optional)

    • personal photo (optional)

    • image of project

    • are Walk-ins welcome for your program or not


Nancy will not collect money or sign up students

Northern Colorado Artist Community          3101 Kintzley Ct. Unit A,  Laporte, CO  80535            970.818.8928

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