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A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

Integrating Artists with Community

Why create an art nonprofit?

A nonprofit affords an organization certain privileges which in turn provides a platform to offer a variety of art focused ventures for the community.


A nonprofit doesn’t mean that money isn’t needed to create the diverse milieu. Funds are essential and are raised in many ways. 

Why support NOCOAC?

Your donations / memberships fuel the        organization which is working towards  a common goal and is giving back to the   community in ways uniquely cultivated by NOCOAC.


All monetary and material donations and/or memberships are tax deductible.

We are building a CREATIVE ARTS DESTINATION both in terms of a physical location and being a community resource.

Our focus is northern Colorado with emphasis on the surrounding rural areas.

Our community investment and involvement:


  • To broaden the concept of art as an expanded medium.

  • Discover and support the “artist” within. 

  • Provide diversified arts instruction to our members and the community, in-house and at public locations.

  • In partnership with school administrations and teachers, provide a variety of art instruction for the  benefit of children. 

  • Encourage the exchange of art with other communities for the advancement of expression, aesthetics, social awareness and integration.

  • Promote and provide public art and artists’ exhibits in various locals.

  • Provide space for the community and artists to share works and ideas.

  • Collaborate with other art-centric organizations.

  • Provide studio work spaces.

Unlocking the inner artist by serving the community through education, integration and public service. 

             Board of Directors of NOCOAC                                 

Founder/Director:  Nancy Sander

Chair & Executive Director:  Candace Hutchison

Secretary & Director of Education:  Karen John

Treasurer & Director of Finance:  Linda Fitzgerald

Assistants to Secretary & Treasure: Michele Ward &                                                        Debbie Wojcik

THE GALLERY will continue to operate as it has for the past 2 years.

NOCOAC now has its own space, across the parking lot from the gallery - Unit A.

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Northern Colorado Artist Community          3101 Kintzley Ct. Unit A,  Laporte, CO  80535            970.818.8928  

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