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A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

Why create an art nonprofit?

A nonprofit affords an organization certain privileges which in turn provides a platform to offer a variety of art focused ventures for the community.


A nonprofit doesn’t mean that money isn’t needed to create the diverse milieu. Funds are essential and are raised in many ways. 

Why support NOCOAC?

Your donations / memberships fuel the        organization which is working towards  a common goal and is giving back to the   community in ways uniquely cultivated by NOCOAC.


All monetary and material donations and/or memberships are tax deductible.

NOCOAC Purpose

The purpose of the Northern Colorado Artist Community is to enhance lives in the Northern Colorado community through all forms of art.



NOCOAC Mission Statement

NOCOAC shall enhance lives through all forms and dissemination of art; encouraging and supporting individual expression, providing public presentations, involving and expanding community programs at all levels and promoting art appreciation.  


Strategies to Accomplish the NOCOAC Mission

The primary purpose of this nonprofit public benefit corporation is to enhance lives through all forms of art.  This will be accomplished by:

  1.  Provide instruction to our members and the community in as many forms of art as possible.  Including art for display inside as well as outside

  2. Provide as many arts educational activities as possible for all ages of people and provide space for them to display their art.

  3. Promote public art exhibits.

  4. Arrange for artists to display their art in other venues for the appreciation of the community.

  5. Provide space for the community or artists to meet and exchange ideas.

  6. Encourage the exchange of art with other communities for the advancement of art and culture in the local community.

  7. Solicit artists to go into the public schools and provide instruction in all forms of art for the education and benefit of the children of the community.  In partnership with the school administration and teachers.

Board of Directors of Northern Colorado Artist Community

Founder/Director:  Nancy Sander

Chair:  Candace Hutchison

Secretary:  Karen John

Treasurer:  Linda Fitzgerald

THE GALLERY will continue to operate as it has for the past 2 years.

NOCOAC will use the gallery for its address, meetings and events.

Member and Nonmember donations

NOCOAC is fueled by your generous donations &

we graciously accept your contributions from pennies to thousands. 

Thank you for supporting NOCOAC.

We don't have online payment availability, at this time.

Please mail your donation (check payable to NOCOAC) or bring it into the gallery.

Sanderosa Art Gallery           3101 Kintzley Ct. Unit R, Laporte, CO  80535            970.818.8928  

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