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We want to thank all the Volunteers for taking time to help out either at the gallery, NOCOAC or both. 

You are valued and appreciated!

Ann Baron

Heather Bartmann

Jennifer Brakefield

Howard Carter

Pat Dice

Randy Dolph

Lisa Downs

Roxanne Ellis 

Karen Gucci

Dick Irwin

David Jones

Scott Lenaway

Minnie Lippiatt

Olivia McNally

James Menk

Ross Mieir

Susan Quinlan

Gary Raham

Kathy Rush

Cathy Spencer

Sue Sutton

Joan Utley

Renee Walkup

Debbie Wojcik

Denise Wundede

Michele Ward

Roger Young



Linda Fitzgerald

Candi Hutchison

Karen John

Nancy Sander

Special thanks to Randy and Dick for volunteering their construction skills for several projects at NOCOAC Headquarters

Dick Irwin, glass tray,

photography, $42

Randy Dolph, Who's That,

mixed media, $228

Jennifer Brakefield, Waiting with Bated Breath,

original oil, $300

Jennifer Brakefield, The Young Agouti,

original watercolor/ink, $175

Howard Carter, This Old House,

original acrylic, $95

Howard Carter, Red House,

original acrylic, $95

Lisa Downs, Say Cheeeese,

photography, $65

Roxanne Ellis, Bird Song,

Original watercolor/ink, $125

Roxanne Ellis, Rainbow Garden,

Original watercolor, $300

Lisa Downs, Door Dash,

photography, $75

Linda Fitzgerald, Colorado Hwy 14W 

original acrylic, $325

Karen Gucci, Sea on Fire,

original, acrylic fluid art, $150

Karen Gucci, Charcuterie Board,

acrylic fluid art, $95

Candace Hutchison, RU

mixed media, $250

James Menk, Fearsome Rumblings,

photography, $425

Karen John, Gifts from Heaven

wire sculpture on wood, $200

David Jones, Out of the Ashes

mixed media, $129

James Menk, Time of Plenty,

photography, $425

Ross Mieir, John Lennon,

Giclée print, $100

Susan Quinlan, Winter Juncos,

Giclée print, $120 

Susan Quinlan, Cassin's Finches,

 Giclée print, $90 

Ross Mieir, Turquoise Creek,

Giclée print, $100

R. Gary Raham, Cosmic Synapses, original acrylic, $750

R. Gary Raham, The Citadel,      original acrylic, $750

Kathy Rush, Siummer Eve     

PleinAir @Hole in the Wall Ranch WY, watercolor, $170

Kathy Rush, Storming on the Plains     

PleinAir @ Horsetooth Reservoir        oil, $300

Nancy Sander, Barn Yard

Giclée print,  $100

Sue Sutton, I am Groot,

mixed media, $75

Sue Sutton, Brain Freeze

mixed media, $55

Renee Walkup, Rocky Horror Redux, glass mosaic,  $600

Michele Ward, Whidbey Island Seagulls, original oil, $250

Michele Ward, Golden Seascape,            original oil, $250

Debbie Wojcik, Glimpse of Nightfall,

mixed media, $45

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