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"I love a good story!  A good story connects me to people.  I become a willing participant with the main characters in their story and I am rewarded with excitement, adventure, insight, knowledge, and the opportunity to practice empathy. "

The Art happens when the audience connects with the storyteller.  

Tuesday Talks is about connecting with people and building a community.  NOCOAC invites a diverse set of speakers to share their stories with you. 

We will gather at NOCOAC Headquarters - across the parking lot from the gallery, Unit A
These are Free Events -- donations will be accepted for the nonprofit

Ed Warner

David Jones

Gary Raham

Dr. Jennifer Barfield

JANUARY 16TH, 6:30-8pm,


Edward M. Warner, a self-proclaimed radical conservationist, presents his outrageous adventures from more than a decade of collaboration with the veterinarians and biologists who care for endangered rhinos in Africa. Few if any laymen like Warner have been invited to do what amounts to some of the most dangerous volunteer fieldwork around. 

FEBRUARY 13th, 6:30-8pm,


David Jones will speak and show how art influences the recovery process and how art personally influenced his own recovery and how recovery has influenced his art.

Artful recovery is a forward-focused and strength-based perspective with  an emphasis on the recovery of - self-respect, the respect of others, the recovery of relationships, friends, family, etc.; things that were lost or forfeited along the way.

MARCH 12th, 6:30-8pm,

R GARY RAHAM: The Art of Science: An Astounding Synergy

Gary Raham will speak about his journey as a scientist, writer, scientific illustrator and story-teller and outline the skills and resources needed for others interested in pursuing the art of science.


Kaleidescopic    painted by TJ

APRIL 9th, 6:30-8pm,

DR. JENNIFER BARFIELD: The Art of Building a Conservation Bison Herd

Dr. Barfield was instrumental in establishing the Laramie Foothills Conservation Herd, which are descendants of the Yellowstone National Park herd to the shortgrass prairie at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area and Red Mountain Open Space. The continual research aims to improve the assisted 
reproductive technologies (ART) used to sustain the herd which Dr. Barfield co-founded in 2013.

MAY 14th, 6:30-8pm,

SUE COX: Adversity and the Human Spirit 

Sue will share about the remarkable and triumphant life her husband lived after a traumatic injury.  Anyone who has experienced unexpected road blocks  will be able relate to Bill and Sue's story.

Sue Wilcox

Northern Colorado Artist Community          3121 Kintzley Ct. Unit A,  Laporte, CO  80535            970.818.8928

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