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Susan Quinlan

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A naturalist, artist, and author, Susan E. Quinlan brings a lifetime of nature exploration and research to all her work.  A native of Colorado, she trained as a wildlife biologist, obtaining degrees from Colorado State University (BS) and the University of Alaska (MS). She lived in Alaska for 30 years, conducting wildlife research in remote areas and developing educational materials about nature for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


She went on to work as a naturalist guide for Lindblad Expeditions, traveling to diverse environments from the high arctic to rainforests, arid deserts to oceanic islands. Quinlan moved back to Colorado in 2006 to work with her brother in the family business, JAX Mercantile Company. 


Throughout all her life adventures, she has created nature-themed art in a variety of media, including watercolor, acrylic, fabric, fused glass and digital.


Quinlan’s nonfiction nature books for young readers, some of which she illustrated, have received awards from the International Reading Association, The Junior Library Guild, and the National Science Teacher’s Association. She enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of nature via art, writing, speaking and teaching. 

Winter Visitors

Woodpecker in fused glass

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