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Ann Baron

From early on Ann enjoyed creating and art.  As a little child she would draw, sew or bake. Then in Junior Highschool she sewed shirts for each of her three brothers as Christmas gifts. The love of sewing continued for many years. 

Ann enrolled in every art class she could take in school from drawing to pottery.  Then, in college she discovered the world of card making and stamps.  Her mind exploded with all the variety of designs you can make with a simple rubber stamp. 

For many years, she was immersed in her corporate career and put aside the creative aspect of her life.  A few years ago she met friends who also loved making cards.  Ann jumped back into creating cards then expanding into mixed media.  Every week Ann makes time for creating. She is always learning new techniques through classes and watching videos.  Creating is a joy and therapy for Ann. 

She has a wonderful husband and three puppies who are her fur babies. 

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