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Cynthia Pillmore


Cynthia Pillmore is a Colorado native, born in Manitou Springs, who has lived in Colorado most of her life. She recently moved from Firestone to Fort Collins.

Cynthia began working in stained glass nearly 6 years ago. With the guidance of a wonderful teacher she explored her appreciation for the beauty and impact of color and light. Cynthia has utilized both copper foil and lead techniques in the production of her custom pieces. Her work has been on display in galleries in Wyoming and Colorado. 

Prior to beginning her work in stained glass, she had a private psychotherapy practice for years in the Boulder area, specializing in treatment for individuals and couples in recovery. In addition to private practice, she worked in various behavioral health agencies and treatment settings. Cynthia remains a certified NADA practitioner. 

Stain Glass explores the beauty and impact of color and light. 

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