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Dee Hergenreter

I was born in a small town in the eastern plains of Colorado and was encouraged by my mother who was an artist to be creative at an early age. Art classes in school were my favorite and I continued to be creative in a lot of different mediums as I raised my two sons.

Taking classes in water color and stained glass at the local junior college expanded my skills. I have created custom glass installations in restaurants and private homes and enjoy collaborating with customers on creating art pieces. Working with glass became a passion of mine and led to learning how to fuse glass. Loading up my kiln with glass and seeing what emerges the next morning is very exciting!

Always wanting to live in Loveland. I moved there in 2014 and am enjoying all the art and creative opportunities from galleries to art shows.

As a curious "cat" always looking to learn new things in my retirement, I wanted to learn something new to keep my brain active and the creative juices flowing.

After finding an online class on pallet knife painting and creating a few paintings, I fell in love with the process and it has become my new passion.  

There is something engaging about the juicy heavy texture that can be achieved with a pallet knife.

Closeup of the depth of paint and texture created by a pallet knife.

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