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Denise Wambsganss spends her life growing and transforming through learning about who she is created to be and how this can help those around her.  She began her in-depth journey of transformation in 2001 and has been clean and sober ever since.

Her art expresses transformation of things that exist either in raw form or in manufactured form and enhances them.  Denise augments the original piece that is already developed by transforming it into something with deeper meaning and greater beauty. 

Denise finds that as she continues to grow, she connects with others by sharing her story of recovery and is able to help lead others in transforming their lives as well. Her art is an expression of this enhancement and transformation. Sometimes this enhancement/transformation is very small and sometimes a complete rearrangement.  This is very similar to the process of recovery one step at a time, one day at a time equals a brand new… (whatever you are wanting to enhance/transform).

Denise Wambsganss

Denise's art is an expression of enhancement
and transformation.

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