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Don Hunter



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As a research ecologist, my study of the endangered snow leopard requires travel to the remote mountain ranges of Central Asia. In these mountains, working with the local people, I came to appreciate Hindu and Buddhist traditions. I especially loved the colorful prayer flags that adorned villages and special places. They spoke to me. And as horse lover I was naturally drawn to Lung Ta, or Wind Horse flag that uses an iconic horse to carry prayers and good wishes to all the world.


I brought prayer flags to my world in Colorado where they always fly above my home. They enhance my meditation and their lively, colorful wafting in the wind always makes me smile. A few years ago, I became curious as to why prayer flags were not more commonly used by western cultures. In a dream, I saw them flying all around the world. My dream led me to believe that prayer flags are not well understood in the west. Perhaps, I thought, they need a more contemporary introduction. A new design. An origin story for the west. 

Fast forward five years. Here is the new website, a newly designed Wind Horses Prayer Flag, a Wind Horses novel, and a growing list of products that hold to the theme of overall goodness. My goal in this site is to offer a collection of carefully vetted products that support the site and allow me to give flags to others--my way of giving back for the grace of a blessed life.  My hope is that “Flying the Horses” makes the world a better place.


Carolyn - Our Mandala Artisan

Like music, mandalas transcend language, time, and culture. Each of her mandalas are different and named for its emotive character.

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