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Eulavon Mallouf

For Eulavon, her favorite class in High School was art. She still remembers her art teacher Mr. Hanrahan. After High School, life happened and she did not pursue art. She became a SocialWorker, had a family and did not get back to her art until her children graduated and moved out.

So, about 20 years ago, with no more soccer, softball or baseball practices, no more tournaments, on the weekends she began to do something she still loves doing today - Mosaics.

The way a piece looks after the grout is cleared off ~ that’s when it all comes together. The more texture the better and the more abstract the better. She uses stained glass, tile, polymer clay, pottery and dishes. Eulavon also loves trying new materials on art pieces such as costume jewelry, rocks, found objects, etc.

Recently she has been making her own tiles with paper which she paints herself, she attaches it to glass and it becomes a unique tesserae that she uses in her mosaics. For substrates, Eulavon is a “big fan” of up-cycling. She uses recycled construction materials, wood shapes, vintage windows and other 3D objects, etc.

Her hope is that she will create something that will bring a smile.

If it doesn’t move, her husband says, Eulavon will probably mosaic on it.
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