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Jim Clayton was born and raised in Colorado. The son of an Orthopedic surgeon who is also an avid outdoor enthusiast, Jim channeled his artistic talents into wildlife art and medical illustration. Jim's studies in anatomy and medical illustration began at Colorado State University. He finished his degree at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.


Jim has worked with numerous doctors and medical companies in the Denver area and outside the state illustrating books, patient information pamphlets, slide shows and trail lawyer illustrations. Jim had the honor of working with Dr. Frank Netter. 

Jim works in a variety of mediums, such as watercolors, acrylics and oils for his landscape and wildlife paintings. He has a special interest in scrimshaw and has decorated many antlers, ostrich eggs, mammoth tusk and fossilized ivory with his wildlife art. Next to painting, scrimming and fly fishing, his greatest passion is living with his wife and young daughter in Bellvue, Colorado. 

Jim Clayton

Scrimshaw - Elk on Bowie knives

Scrimshaw - Elk on moose antler

Dodge Highlandlers

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