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Joan Utley

Since beginning my watercolor journey, a sense of playfulness has unfolded for me which provides for creative experimentation. 

Most pieces begin with a sketch to determine composition, value, color and practice. Once in place, I lose myself with simple expectations for surprise in the outcome. I completely enjoy the process of preparing paints, selecting materials, and providing sensory delights to inspire and create my focus. I am always surprised with the unpredictable outcome resulting with each piece. 

As pigments begin to mingle in pools of water, as light plays with shadow, and water blends with time, I create imperfect representations of what the world around me has so perfectly provided as inspiration.

I am attentive to texture, shape, shadow, light, and color. Depending on the mood and setting, I paint loose and free or bring up definition in portraits, still life and landscapes. My style is unfolding and strengthening with every brushstroke.

The best part of every day is knowing that something new will come forth from somewhere within me. I normally experiment with several versions of a subject before I feel satisfaction with a painting. I believe each attempt enables deeper skill development, personal growth and time to meditate, along with the challenges for growth presented by mistakes. 

I enjoy painting a variety of subjects including flowers and garden bounty, portraits and figures, pets and animals and landscapes. I work at keeping variety in my work so that I continue to develop as an artist.

I take commissions and will work with you to find a piece you will love to display.

"Every piece is a collection of thought, knowledge, technique and love for the medium."

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