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Laurel Hageseth

For the first four decades of my life I never considered myself to be an artist. Then one day, for reasons I cannot remember, I purchased some pastel sticks and a pad of heavy sketching paper. I went home, sat down at the kitchen table, and got lost drawing nothing in particular. But within a few weeks my husband and several friends commented on my work and urged me to do more. Within six months my pastels were on the walls of several friends’ and relative’s homes. 

Another six months passed and my mind was craving richer color and more challenging and intricate designs. I went to artist supply stores to satisfy my now-intense craving for more varied surfaces, larger canvases, and richer media. I discovered acrylics and alcohol inks and the thrill of creating beautiful vases and bowls. Words began to appear in conversations like abstract expressionism and names like Jackson Pollack. 

People were now buying my artwork for three figures, and to tell the truth I could hardly believe it. I love my work and am honored to have my work displayed at the Sanderosa Art Gallery.

I am proud to say I am a professional artist.

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