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Lynn Rizzotto

Lynn Rizzotto’s career has produced a great variety of multiple artistic layers: as an illustrator of children’s books, originator of textile designs, muralist, fine art painter, and the founder and instructor of the Children’s Creativity Workshops.

As a daily sketch artist, and avid gardener, Lynn is truly in-touch with nature. Planting and nurturing seeds to their full potential and beauty, is analogous to the gentle manner that Lynn has guided and taught her students, providing them the visual tools to recognize the wonders in the natural world. 

Lynn is involved in the local art scene in various ways, including painting her “Marketplace” themed piano for the Fort Collins Pianos About Town project, and currently painting a mask for the Museum of Art Fort Collins Annual Northern Colorado Masks Exhibition and Benefit.

A lifetime of art experiences, with a deep and profound connection to nature, has enabled Lynn to create pressed flower cards and exquisité compositions. Lynn constantly collects and curates colorful pedals and leaves, then brings them together in a minute palette of organic materials to bring to life her delicate arrangements. The bliss of creating is both meditative and joyful for Lynn, and those attributes are very present in Lynn’s art.

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