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Mary Gorman

My desire is to live in a state of amazement and joy.

I feel closest to this when I am traveling to new places and learning to see and express myself with an artist’s eye. Color is my delight! Wonder of the beauty and vast diversity of this world is my motivation. I strive to express those qualities in my paintings.

I primarily paint watercolors and dye on silk. Watercolor was my first love and that’s the media I use outdoors and when I travel. In my studio, silk is my passion because it is spontaneous, gives brilliant colors, and amazing sensuous richness! 

Lord Byron said, “To have joy one must share it.” That is the purpose of my art to share my amazement and the beauty I see everyday.

I am currently sharing my art as a permanent member of Gallery 113, 125 1/2 N. Tejon, Colorado Springs, CO, Sandarosa Art Gallery, 3101 Kintzley Ct, Laporte, CO and various local shows and businesses.

I am a member of Silk Painters International (SPIN), Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, Local Color and Garden Artists.

Answers to frequent questions:
◦ Shipping: yes, conditions if I am in town and/or you are patient
◦ Teach: I don’t currently teach.
◦ Discount: I price to sell so only offer discounts for significant/sizeable purchases. ◦ Do commissions: I do enjoy the challenge of a commission.
◦ Layaway: Yes

Palisades Lavender

Aspen Song

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