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Richard "Dick" Irwin

Dick grew up in the small railroad town of Winslow, Ariz.  The family lived on the north edge of town with plenty of space to roam on the Navajo Reservation and along the Little Colorado River. Even as a youngster he loved nature.

His first camera was a Kodak Brownie.  After high school he graduated to a single lens reflex and began taking pictures in earnest.  In 1962 Dick took a graduate class in photography.  There he learned about lenses and lighting which he finds useful.

He moved his family to Colorado in the 60’s to attend CSU. This opened up the great Colorado outdoors and being a teacher gave him summers to explore and increase his skill in photography. 

Dick has photographed plants and animals most of his adult life. He is a former biology teacher and is interested in landscape, plant and animal photography.  He enjoys macro photography which he believes best reveals God's creativity.


"My pleasure comes from the response I receive from my photography.  Each image has a story behind it and each image should tell a story to the viewer."


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