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Sheri Lauren

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Sheri Lauren is a Fort Collins based artist, she creates whimsy, quirky humor,
and existential exploration through the human figure, animals, and color using
acrylic and watercolor paints, pen, pencil, colored pencil, digital photography...
Sheri enjoys large canvases and murals, as well as small pieces and illustration

Sheri is currently creating paintings and drawings in her studio at home, illustrating a book that will be published next year, and taking orders for future illustration jobs. She also has openings for custom murals and occasional digital photography sessions.

Sheri started her "Whimsy" pen and colored pencil art series in the fall of 2013
and is illustrating several of her own plot lines. She designed a rural home in
Kansas and created faux finishes, murals, and dyed cement floors throughout it. She graduated cum laude with a major in fine arts and minor in English from McPherson College in 1994 and has illustrated the three book “Just Folks” series for author Jerry W. Engler.

She is also a singer/songwriter and participates in the Sketch the Obscure collaboration, and a local duet. 

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