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Tim Mawhiney

I believe the best art is created from memories. Good art is purged from the essence of memory. It must come out, to be frozen in time, to be shared and preserved for the future. Great art can move even the hardest of hearts.

I never sketch anything out, never have a plan for how each piece should be constructed, never use a picture for a guide. I see it in my mind and let the memory soften the sharp edges, blur the straight lines, and let the colors be true to how I remember them. The goal is never to make something that I think others will enjoy. The goal is to let the

Memories from the past expressed using “found” media bearing scars from the elements, evidence of struggle against all and the essence of survival.

memory live outside of me. If it happens to provoke others to an emotional connection to their own experience, then it has served its purpose in the most wonderful way, outside and away from my own. That is what I call art for art’s sake. It’s either appreciated or it isn’t.

I tend to use materials that have already served their original purpose. They seem to have that weight from the past that you can feel; texture that can only be felt because of the passage of time. Rusted and weathered, but still capable of living life, even though the world has passed them by.

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