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Gary Buys

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I am basically a nature boy. I was the kid who was always out exploring walking down creeks and hanging out at any ponds I could find. I have always been amazed at what the ultimate artist, The Creator, has given us to see and try to capture in a painting. I have come to know Him and His creations.


I’ve had the opportunity to take some seminars and study a bit with some very talented local artist. I believe that every artist is self taught. Meaning they are the ones that mix the paint and put the paint on the canvas having to work out all the challenges that come up while creating a painting. While I was a high tech geek for a while I prefer to hang out on the right side of the brain.


When I was a high tech geek I have built instruments used for testing the fuel systems on the Space Shuttle. Now I am basically a no tech geek who is in the relationship business. What do I mean? I produce pointing labs pups and am also a professional dog trainer. I teach others how to train their dogs. I have produced six training videos on how to train pointing labs and other dogs. Several of my paintings are in those videos. I have painted several of my dogs that have passed and I have also done keepsake paintings for others of their dogs. Something for the memories.

I’m continuing to try and improve my painting skills by painting many different subjects. One of my favorites areas is the Poudre River Canyon. I think being pushed out of your comfort zone is a good thing and one of the best ways to keep improving. One of my favorite places to have lived was the old Livermore hotel. It was the stage coach stop between Fort Collins and Laramie. There are tepee rings and a buffalo jump on the property. CSU has done archeological digs there. I also learned some Flint napping , which is how to produce stone tools. I have sat in the same place indians have sat making arrow heads hundreds of years ago making arrow heads there myself. It is an interesting sort of connection with them. The North fork of the Poudre River ran through the back yard.


Other hobbies : Wood working , log furniture, musician, guitars , ukulele , bass, professional kazoo player, fishing , taking naps.

Snake River Geese

Otter Dog

Poudre Canyon Narrows

Canyon Road Fall

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