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Jeanne Mackenzie’s style of painting is a blend of impressionism and realism. Her paintings are done in oil with rich warm tones and a painterly application. These reflect the bold light and striking contrasts of her favorite still lifes and western landscapes.​

Jeanne Mackenzie

Summer's Soul

Jeanne Mackenzie is a Colorado resident living in the Fort Collins area where she is one of the founding members of the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Teaching Credential from San Diego State University she eventually fell in love with and devoted herself to oils. She has studied with Clyde Aspevig, Michael Lynch, Matt Smith and Calvin Liang. Her paintings are featured in several fine art galleries in Colorado, California and Arizona.

Her artwork has earned Merit Awards and shown at juried shows throughout the United States including the Oil Painters of America Show, CM Russell Invitational Show and Arts for the Parks-Top 100 (award of excellence). Jeanne has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine’s Best of the West and My World, American Artist’s Workshop Magazine, Plein Air Magazine and International Artist Magazine-Master Artists. She was invited to be a part of the Richeson Art Series Book and art book Dust on My Shoes/Sun on my Back. Her work has hung in the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Minnesota’s Tweed Museum.  She shares her love of art by teaching national and international (Italy, Guatemala, Mexico) painting workshops and has been on staff at the Denver Art Museum teaching color theory, composition and painting.

Dozing Kittie

Venetian Coffee

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