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Jodi Patten Wieck

I was born and raised in Iowa, where I lived until 1989 when my husband and I moved to Colorado. We were drawn by the Mountains and the adventures that awaited us in the west. We have had many wonderful experiences in the last 34 years, both in the US and abroad.


We volunteered for Search and Rescue for many years; traveled throughout the US, cycling, hiking, boating and skiing and have had some world class experiences in Europe and other countries. We are truly blessed.

I have always been drawn to the beauty of nature. The colors, shapes and sounds are so inspirational. I am a type A personality and have had to make an effort to use the other side of my brain over the years, trying to balance myself out, particularly while working a stressful career. For example, I made jewelry years ago and sold it in a few of the stores downtown. But most of my creative projects over the years have stayed at home or with family members.

After I retired I have gradually more fully immersed myself into using my creative side. Now I have a house full of acrylic fluid art paintings, have been doing some metal on wood pieces (which are now in the Sanderosa Art Gallery) and recently picked up watercolors to continue my learning process.

These photos are just a taste of what I have for sale. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in seeing my inventory. Hopefully my work will make people smile and brighten up their lives.

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