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Matthew Thompson

Matt lived in North Carolina for approximately 25 years, where he worked as a podiatrist. His watercolor journey began around 2000. "I always knew from a young age that I could draw fairly well. My first painting was of a golf course hole, with a pond fronting the green. I was greatly encouraged with the responses I received, which led me to painting more in earnest."


While in North Carolina, Matt was able to attend a few weekend classes given by nationally known artists such as Frank Francese, Sterling Edwards and Charles Reid. From there, he developed his own watercolor style, which includes painting local landscapes, city scenes and still life.


He was a member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina and exhibited in a number of state shows. Upon retirement, Matt and his wife, Debbie, moved to Colorado about 5 years ago, where he has enjoyed painting "Colorful Colorado."

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