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Nina Judson

Nina Judson-Crespo grew up on a ranch in northern Colorado, born to a family of potters, painters and writers. She intermittently lived, studied and worked briefly as a volunteer in Bolivia in the mid to late 90's. Since then, she's been busy with life, raising two children on the austistic spectrum with her husband, Marcelo (who she met in Cochabamba once upon a time).

In 2019, Nina took up Urban Sketching and sketched her way around family, kids, work and a trip to Latvia. In 2020, Nina's illustrations were published in "Enjoying the Work," a book of poetry by George N. Wallace.

An unexpected twist, also in 2020 and 2021, Nina offered original sketches in exchange for donations for Covid relief. This has morphed into her current projects to fund raise for Ukraine and Unified Sports. 


Train Over Trilby Road

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