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Pat Dice has a BFA Art from Colorado State University and is a Professional Artist. She is licensed in Kinesiology, CRA, Phyo-Chemical Herbalist by David Hoffman Herbal School and trained with Micheal Moore. Pat is a Curandera -  a healer who uses folk remedies.

Pat's art background is extensive with numerous awards and exhibitions including a nomination for the Governor's Award for excellence in the promoting the arts. She also contributes to educational facilities with special classes, workshops, lectures and her television appearances promoting Hispanic artists.

Dice is now returning to her art with a more open style most of which deals with either being a Mestisa woman (woman of mixed blood) or her concerns about mother earth and the people who live on it.

Pat Dice's most resent solo exhibit was with Mums United in United Kingdom.

Removing Bad Spirit

The Hermits an Aquarian

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